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Monday, November 03 2014

Life is simple really:  decide what's important and act like it.

That was the simple message that came to me this morning as I was scanning airfare to spend Thanksgiving with family. 

If you asked me what my priorities are, family would be in the top three.  Money would be way down the list somewhere.  So why was I thinking more about money than family when I was looking at airfare?  Things may happen in the future that will require extra cash.  Can I afford it?  Can I not?

Too many times I ask my client what their priorities are and they usually put family as No. 1.  But in really their actions are all around job, career, bills, money, lifestyle . . . Even health falls way down on the list.  

If you evern wonder what your priorities are, look at your actions, watch your thoughts.  Are they what you thought they are?  Are they what you want them to be?

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