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Hi Pixie,
There are many tangible benefits that I have learned from you.
I focus on myself more instead of everyone else around me. When I am happier, everyone else is!
I am more content with my life and look for the positive in the situations around me.
It's easier to see the blessings in my life.
I am healthier. I eat better and exercise more.
I set small goals to achieve a big goal.
And I celebrate something every day.
You definitely opened the blinds for me!
Kim, Optician
Columbus, Ohio
June 2010
I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's for about five years now and I have been continuously fighting depression.  Finding Pixie has been a godsend.  She has helped me come to a better understanding and acceptance of having Parkinson's and conveyed it in such a way that was tailored to my needs.  I am dealing with it so much better now that even my husband and friends have noticed the positive change as well.  I truly feel that I have been touched by the hand of God through Pixie.

Barb Crabtree
Jackson, Ohio

I wanted to get to know myself better. I also wanted some guidance through the many
life changing experiences that I am encountering. My expectations were definitely met. I received the counsel and support that I needed. I do feel empowered. I feel that I can make the necessary changes to my life I feel that I have value and worth for the first time in a long time.
I was listened to. Pixie is a great listener. She would summarize what I had said and it
was sometimes surprising to hear... very insightful. She would offer suggestions and
opinions when asked.  I was challenged more than I thought that I would be... and definitely stimulated. The "homework" assignments helped me tremendously.
Finding time for email is difficult for me. I don't have access during the work day and
limited time sharing the one family computer in the evening. Other ways of
communicating, perhaps in a diary form may have been helpful. Pixie could not have
been a better coach in my humble opinion and I valued all of our time together.

It was worth every penny.

Kim, Optician
Columbus, Ohio

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Pixie’s ability to gently and powerfully drill down to the core issue quickly allowed me to move through years of ‘issues’ to experience a greater freedom and energy.  This freedom and energy has resulted in the development of a business I LOVE, a marketing plan that feels exciting (instead of laborious) and a sense of self that feels empowered.  Her intuitive sense coupled with a wealth of business resources were the perfect combination to support me during a time of significant transition.  I couldn’t have done it without Pixie!

Shannon Marie Sullivan, Professional Coach
Seattle, WA


“I was Pixie's client in Supervised Coach in International Coach Academy. The situations I brought up to work on were very deep and in my opinion impossible to handle on my own or even with a coach but she was able with her calm voice and insightful questions to create awareness tat helped me see the situation in a new light and as a consequence take a new direction. I felt instantly a connection with Pixie - as if whatever I was going to talk to her about she has already felt preparing herself for. Wonderful experience.” December 21, 2008

Tsvetanka Petrova - Personal and Professional Life Coach


There was a change of administration at my place of employment and in my opinion it was not for the better. I was grouchy, miserable, and hated going to work. It was effecting every part of my life. About three months ago I was on the verge of quitting when I decided to do life coaching with Pixie. Today I have a complete new attitude. The job or the administration has not changed but with Pixie's help I have. I am so much happier and it shows at my job and in my home life. I highly recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to change for the better.

Janet F.
Purchasing Agent, Ohio

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