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Wednesday, April 06 2011
I AM, the Documentary, was not the movie I thought I was going to see when I made the critical decision to get up off the couch and drive down to the University District of Seattle to see a movie by myself.  First I had to wrestle with the idea of whether I even wanted to move off the couch.  Then I had to decide whether to ask someone to go with me.  I decided against the latter.  I tend to cry in movies.  When I'm in bad space, I tend to sob.

For days, weeks and months I've been full of self-doubt, remorse, regret and guilt.  Did I do the right thing?  What's wrong with me?  Why has this dark night turned into a dark week, a dark month?

After overcoming my disappointment at
I AM, the Documentary being the wrong movie, I hoped that I was exactly where I was supposed to be seeing exactly the movie I was supposed to see. 

There were points in the movie that I wanted to stop the frame, rewind it and watch it again.  I walked out of the movie knowing that I had absolutely done the right thing by packing my clothes, my dog, my massage table and moving to Seattle.

I AM, the Documentary
is not going to be a box office hit.  There's no violence, no sex, no cruel jokes - only hope.

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