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Enigma Wellness
 Pixie Picketts 

I am a mind/body therapist with specialized training and extensive experience in life coaching, massage therapy, and energy work on Oahu Hawai'i.  If you're facing life change, relationship crisis and spiritual transformation and would like to have a guide, I experience, strength and hope that is invaluable. By integrating massage therapy, life coaching, personal development, energy psychology and spiritual principles, you'll discover and release core issues that are the root of the resistance you create toward you own success in life, love and health. Together map out the best way to empower you to live your fullest life NOW.

Life Coaching

I understand feelings of anxiety, depression and fear that can accompany any major life change - losing a job, death, divorce, chronic illness, alcoholism and recovery.  I also know that self-help books, workshops, medications and treatment can offer some relief but  that we must transform the energy of our core for authentic happiness and prosperity to ensue.

I became a life coach after a series of sychronicities that led me to ask some big questions - What are my gifts and what am I supposed to do with them?  After days of meditative mowing with no clear answer, I asked my clients.  Their answers were overwhelming.  Finally there was one very clear email that said, "You really ought to look into that life coaching thing because you have a way of seeing into people's lives and helping them change their perception for the better.  Sort of like a jump start on life."

Massage therapy wasn't a life long dream of mine.  That came more as a directive from the Universe that I was compelled to obey.

I had a lover who was diagnosed with cancer.  When the western medical community said there was no hope, I said, "Bull shit!  There's always hope!"  This proclamation rocketed me into the world of alternative medicine.  During that time, I became vegetarian, changed my beliefs in sickness & health, life & death.  I became physically healthier and healthier while my lover's health continued to decline.  He lost himself in playing computer chess and hoping for the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to save him.

On one particularly painful day, I could only sit at my desk at work and cry.  My Reiki teacher, who worked in the same office, came over to my desk and got up in my face.  She stood nose-to-nose, toe-to-toe with me and asked, "What do you want?"

With tears rolling down my face, I sobbed, "I just want him to be free of pain and to get well."

The teacher firmly said, "You don't get it, do you?!"

"Get what?"  I cried.

"This is about your healing.  He doesn't want it.  You do!"

At that moment, I let my lover go and understood that for whatever reason I was privileged to help him pass to the other side.  This experience profoundly rearranged my priorities.  After his death, I continued to work in the law firm where I was employed for years.  I was not a good employee though because I realized that nothing I did there was important.  I was not helping anyone.   And, somehow the quality of the touch of my hand changed. 

My clients have experienced not only relief from muscle strain and spring through traditional massage therapy but also personal transformation, improved sports performance, completed independent film projects, made peace with a change in management, and learned coping skills to carry them through life. 

I am a certified life coach with the International Coach Academy and licensed to practice massage therapy in the States of Washington and Ohio.   

For more information, please call 808-859-8088.

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My strengths from Strengths Finder . . .

Empathy - Appreciation of beauty & excellence
Connectedness - Perspective (wisdom)
Strategic - Hope, optimism and future-mindedness
Achiever - Social intelligence
Ideation - Spirituality, sense of purpose and faith

What are your strengths?  Do you use them?

"Finding and using your strengths in your personal and professional life contributes to happiness.  Stop trying to be who you aren't and be who you are - Divine." 

Light & love, Pixie

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