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Sunday, February 19 2012
Falling in Love with Malibu

While driving up the coast of California from Twentynine Palms to Seattle, I passed a sign that said, "Pepperdine University".  I left Highway 101, turned around and headed toward Pepperdine (largely motivated by my quest to meet Tom Shadyac.) 

Big green signs kept saying, "Malibu," but it didn't mean anything to me.  Yes, Malibu, we've all heard of it but I didn't have anything for Malibu to stick to in my brain.  Even so I kept driving toward Pepperdine.

After about three hours in the car, Dharma a bathroom break.  The road I was on dead ended into a park - Malibu Bluffs Park.  Still nothing spectacular.  I parked the car, grabbed the leash, the poo bag and Dharma before walking up into the park.  The sun was shining.  It was 72 degrees.  We reached the top of the rise and there it was . . . the Malibu coastline opened up to me with its breath taking beauty. 

My reaction was visceral.  Out loud I said, "Oh my god, I'm falling in love!" 

I stayed overnight in Malibu.  In less than 24 hours, I connected with people who were very welcoming.  I even sent out 4 or 5 resumes for jobs.  A day later I received a reply but unfortunately, I don't have my license in California - yet.


Almost two months later I was on the phone with my friend, Jean Tracy.  We had been talking for some time when suddenly Jean interrupted:

"I have to tell you this right now before I forget.  I did an astrocartography map for you the other day.  Your Mars and Pluto lines intersect at Malibu.  It's a very powerful place for you; a good place for physical energy.  Mars energy is passion, strength, courage, independence, anger and aggression.  Mars was the god of war.  Pluto energy is about power, rebirth, death, transformation.  With this combination of personal will and collective power, you would be a potent agent for transformation and healing.  If you go there, you'll have to keep your vibration very high for at the lower vibration, it can attract physical violence or assault.

Your Pluto line travels up the west coast from Malibu and curves into Seattle.  There is a minor aspect of Sun and Venus that goes through San Francisco.  That's more about love and creativity.  With Pluto a prominent player in your chart, you're drawn to places along the line where its power is most potent."

The moment Jean said that my Mars and Pluto lines intersect at Malibu, a surge of energy washed down through my entire body like an electrical shock.  It's something that happens when I hear or experience Truth. What makes this so interesting to me is that Jean did the astrocartography reading for me after I had been to these places - Malibu, San Francisco, Seattle.  What's even more interesting is that I chose Seattle.  

Have you ever wondered where you belonged or why you feel more comfortable in some cities or states than others?  Why do you dream about going to a certain country? Are you being offered jobs in different locations?  What if you could know which location has the highest probability of success?  If you would like to find out, Jean Tracy can be reached at for your astrocartography reading.

Jean Tracy is an intuitive astrologer and counselor in Seattle, WA.  She can be reached by phone at 425-941-3786 or email at
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