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$50 - 30 Mins. Massage Session

$80 - 60 Mins. Massage Session

$125 - 90 Mins. Massage Session

$150 - Cacao Session, 90 minutes of one-on-one life coaching, massage therapy and energy healing while sipping warm ceremonial cacao to open up your heart chakra.


$199 - Neck, Back & Shoulder Package

  • 3 - 30 Mins. massages focused on your arms, shoulders, neck and upper back.
  • 1 - 60 Mins. massage

3 Packs - Save 10%
$135 - 30 Mins. Massage (Save $15, Reg. $150)
$215 - 60 Mins. Massage (Save $24, Reg. $240)
$325 - 90 Mins. Massage (Save $50, Reg. $375)

6 Packs - Save 20%
$240 - 30 Mins. Massage (Save $60, Reg. $300)
$400 - 60 Mins. Massage (Save $80, Reg. $480)
$625 - 90 Mins. Massage (Save $125, Reg. $750)

Mayan Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Feel your heart chakra open and your energy renew when sipping Mayan ceremonial grade cacao imported from Guatemala by Keith's Cacao.  Cacao is a super food in and of itself but combine it with massage and energy work and you'll experience a deeper healing.  Invidual cacao sessions involve sipping a cup of freshly brewed cacao imbued with intentions set just for your personal healing.  After the cacao has begun to work its magic, you will also receive bodywork and energy work combined with personal spiritual coaching to lead you into your deepest potential of healing.

Add Cacao + $10 to any one session

CACAO CEREMONY, Special Introductory Price $200.00
. . . for up to 8 persons.  Invite 7 of your friends to experience the magic of a personalized cacao ceremony.  Mayan ceremonial grade cacao is brewed with hot water, Cinnamon, ginger and other spices while being gently imbued with the love and light of healing intentions for your group.  Sip warm cacao while learning the story of how cacao came to us on Oahu.  The healing power of cacao will open up your heart chakra for a deeper healing.  

$25 for each additional person over 8.  Perfect for a girls' night gathering.

 Pixie's Blog 
Tuesday, July 14 2009
Tea CaddyHow do you know when you're in alignment?  If you're on the right path?  When you are, everything just seems to fall into place.  You're heart knows and the Universe smiles on you.

Lori Massey is a sign of my alignment.  A few weeks ago she was surfing the internet and found Cedar Hill Massage.  She was particularly interested in life coaching.  Yesterday I drove an hour and half to Jackson, Ohio to meet Lori at her store, The Tea Caddy of Jackson, 740-288-4832.  

The first thing you see at the front door of the Tea Caddy is MAGIC.  A small wren chose to build her nest in an artificial wreath and blessed the entrance with two baby birds. That's just the beginning of the magic of the Tea Caddy!  Go through the door and you enter a sacred space filled with Victorian teapots, tea cozies, and special teas.  The atmosphere inside is infused with Lori's welcoming and infectious energy.

Lori is doing some exciting things in Jackson.  Beginning July 25, 2009, from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., she's introducing a LIVE morning talk show called "The Hub", Your Connection to Mind, Body & Spirit.  The Hub offers inspirational speakers, health & wellness advisors, and more.  You can call Lori at the Tea Caddy at 740-288-4832.

Lori is a connector.  She reaches out, finds out what people need, what their heart's desire is and connects them with ther people to help them on their way.  And, she's been joined by Carla Wamsley, of Sitting Pretty, an affiliate of Tope's Furniture Gallery of Gallipolis,Ohio.  Carla is a salesperson and has added that spark of fire to Lori's gift for connecting people.   Guess what I am?

I only meant to stay an hour at the Tea Caddy but ended up staying the whole afternoon.  We laughed, talked, and shared our ideas for following our dreams and how to help other people do the same.  We brainstormed about my giving a group coaching workshop at the Tea Caddy in September.  Lori introduced me to someone I may be able to help. 

Everything came together yesterday afternoon.  Perfect alignment.
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