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 Thriving Parent Testimonials 

Shannon has impacted my life in ways words fail. I am a better parent, wife, friend, daughter, and sister because of her presence in my life. Her love of life and intense dedication to a deeper connection for us all sharing this planet inspires me daily. Shannon’s spirit is interwoven into the fabric of my life and I am eternally grateful.
-Sandra Brewster, Mom of two boys and one very active husband

Shannon, thank you! Your guidance and coaching directly helped me take my business to the next level. Your great ideas, direct yet gentle style and clear direction were the catalyst for my company’s expansion. You combined the perfect balance of thought-provoking inquiries (making me re-exam some of my belief systems) with professional skill development that allowed me to actually take the steps necessary to grow my business.
-Christine Evans, Business Owner

While I do not deny my willingness to participate, do my homework, and take suggestion were all factors in the success of our working together, I have used these factors in the past and been unable to make lasting changes in my life. I have taken classes, done group therapy, tried dehypnotherapy, read books, journaled, listened to motivational tapes, but nothing got me unstuck like this.  My energy level has shifted noticeably upward; I speak differently to myself; my libido has made an appearance; I have released weight; and I am purchasing my own home after a decade of wishing I could.  My mother says it’s like having her daughter back.  I am glad to be living my life, at long last.  And I owe it all to you, Shannon.  I am so grateful.  Thanks, thanks, THANKS!!!
-Linsay Albin

Shannon’s ability to break issues down and consistently hold me accountable for repeated patterns of negative self-talk or self-defeating behavior allows for growth and a broader perspective.  One of the best aspects of being coached by Shannon is that she actually makes great suggestions and co-creates ways to achieve those goals.  Highlights have included: being able to reframe being fired into a platform for a new and solvent small business, maintaining sobriety and cessation of smoking, creating systems for better time management and tackling closeted issues such as divorce paperwork and debt.  She is genuine and savvy. I feel that she is has shed light in my tunnel of darkness and has brought a renewed sense of capability and responsibility to my life. Thank you!!
- Mom and Small Business Owner

I was always looking forward for our sessions – knowing 100% that I would get something valuable out of it, that I would move forward.
- Michele Richard, Coach, Project Manager & Mom

As the devoted dad and the head honcho of a small but popular home-based software company, finding the balance between the two is a continuing challenge.  Shannon has warmly and expertly helped me recognize key areas for improvement, such as how my sometimes-intense design work was affecting my parenting energy and at-home focus.  She also showed me how to improve my communication skills with daughter and many others.  As a result, we are all clearly happier at home.  She did a great job of listening well and responding to MY needs rather than handing me any sort of formulaic approach.  That was greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend her for any professional who also wants to be the best parent they can be.
-Dad and Business Owner

Shannon shares her thoughts and provides feedback, including constructive feedback, with concern and empathy using a reassuring communication style that is readily heard so I can easily and willingly integrate her feedback into my daily activities moving me toward sustained, positive, long term change and resolution. Her strong moral character and kind, compassionate and considerate personality allows me to trust her without question. She is responsible and accountable, staying true to her promises and professional ethics.
-Deborah McDaniel, Mom and Project Manager

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