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A teleclass is a fabulous way to bring together a group of people with common interests from all over the world in an interactive learning environment.  The class is held by telephone.  You will be given a phone number and access code to use on the date and time of your class.

Teleclass Etiquette

Here are some tips & tricks for attending a teleclass:

  • Your Location.  Choose a quiet location where outside noise won’t distract you or others in the teleclass.  If you are not speaking, *6 to mute your line or use the mute function on your telephone.
  • Reliable phone line.  If you have a reliable cell phone connection, fine, but if you don’t, use a land line.
  • Headset.  Using a headset allows your hands to be free.  This is especially important if you are learning website design or any other function that will require you to be at your computer.
  • Introductions.  When the instructor starts the class, you will be asked to check-in by sharing your first name and whatever other information you want to share with the others on the call.
  • Commenting & Questions.  Say your name before you make a comment or ask a question.  You can’t be seen so it’s important to identify yourself to the rest of the class when speaking.
  • Courtesy.  Practice common courtesy during the teleclass - don’t interrupt, wait your turn to ask a question or make a comment, refrain from profanity or negative behavior.
  • Recording.  You may not record the teleclass at any time.  

All teleclasses are recorded by Women’s Pathways.  By attending the teleclass, you understand and agree that the class will be recorded and may be posted on the Women’s Pathways website for free or resale, depending on the nature of the class.

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