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What you'll receive with a Neck, Back & Shoulder Package
With the NBS Package, you'll receive a 30 minute massage session focused on your neck, back & shoulders.  Right where you need it the most!  Once a week for 3 weeks, we'll practice breathing and focusing techniques to help you develop a relaxation response rather than a stress response to external events.  You'll be reminded to direct your mind toward the limitless possibilities of what you think your problem may be.

Your mental focus on relaxing your mind to relax your body plus my intention to relieve muscle tension with massage techniques are a powerful combination in reducing mental, emotional and physical tension.  Deep inside you already know what to do; I simply remind you.  You'll learn:
  • breathing lessons
  • relief of muscle tension
  • awareness of how your body feels
  • the first sign of mental/emotional stress
  • tools to cope with external events
This treatment plan works best with daily practice on your part.  By the end of the one month period, you have developed a new perspective leading to new responses to external events.  Then we have a full 60 minute session which I hope you continue throughout the year just to tell you body "thank you!"
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