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You can list your business with Yahoo Local Business and Google Local Business even without a website.  These services are better if you do have a website, because the same potential customers who find your address and phone number using the internet are the same potential customers who will research your business online.

I personally always choose the business or service with the website, especially if that website is attractive, functional and provides the information that I need.  If I'm searching for a personal service, it is important to me to be able to see a photo of the person providing the service.  Read more on Why a Photo Is Important.

Search Live aka Live Search is a service of Microsoft.  You do not have to create an account; however, you DO have to have a website or URL to submit to this search engine.  Here are some of the additional local searches listed in a recent article on
If you have submitted your business information and/or website to these local searches and you are still not attracting more clients, it may be time to take a look at your marketing strategy.

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