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Thank you so much for allowing me to share the magic of cacao with you and to show you how to do a simple 5 mins. breathing exercises that can change your life.  Here is a simple reminder on how to do the breathing.

The breathing pattern is:

•7 seconds inhale, starting at your tailbone and bringing the breath up as follows:

•tail bone


•solar plexus




•crown of your head

•3 second hold at the crown

•10 second exhale

Practice this 5 mins. every morning and it can have life changing effects.  

The morning is important as that is the time when you set your intention for the day.  It’s like aiming an arrow.  Once you let go of the string on the bow, the arrow will fly where it is aimed.

If I have questions, I ask them before I do the breathing.  Then I wait for the answers.  Sometimes they come during that time, sometimes they come as signs or symbols throughout the day.  In any case, I have taken time in the morning to tap into a larger energy source and bigger intelligence.

Here’s a link to the best and simplest chakra resource I’ve found on the internet.  CHAKRAS:  YOUR ENERGETIC BEING by Carolyn Myss.  (Please note teachers like Carlyn Myss and Marianne Williamson were in the early part of my path when I totally believed in my "woundedness".  I don't live there any more.)

Please stay in touch by email, or by text, 808-859-8088 to share your experiences.

Love & light,


Carolyn Myss also wrote a book, Anatomy of the Spirit, that was one of a handful of books that have traveled with me from Ohio to Seattle to Hawaii.  She's written many books but this is the only one I could read.

Sample Cacao Recipe

Cacao Preparation

0.3-0.4 oz (8.5-11.5 gm) for dreaming or lucid dreaming taken mid sleep cycle;
1/2 oz (14 gm) cacao for very sensitive, or some long-term cacao drinkers; 
1 oz (28 gm) of our cacao for a meditation or creativity assist; 
1.2 oz (34 gm) for mild aerobic activity like yoga or dancing;
1.5 oz (42.5 gm) for my normal ceremonial dose; 

* * * * 

cayenne pepper

Heat the water to steaming, but not boiling.
Add the cacao (I use 3 oz to 4 cups of water so it’s about .75 oz)
Stir - sing to it, love it
Add spices
Put in vitamix or blender
Set your intention.

Love & light


Optimized Process

Here's a link to purchase KEITH'S CACAO.  The cose is pixie18us88.

Cacao can be used to cook like bitter chocolate.  In fact, some of you ate a flourless chocolate cake made with this cacao.  It adds a touch of magic to everything it's in.

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