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 What's in Your Hand? 
What do I mean by WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND?

I mean . . .
  • What are your gifts?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your assets?
  • What do you do best?
  • Have you identified the gifts you were born with so that if you were to use them, you would find fulfillment and joy in your career AND your work will become part of your play?
One of the things that motivated and inspired me to focus was Pastor Rick Warren's talk at TED.  I could not read his book, The Purpose Driven Life, because I am deeply spiritual and not particularly religious.  But his talk on TED led me to meditate and ask for hours, days and weeks "What's in my hand?  What are my gifts?" 

I invite you to watch Rick Warren's talk and then READ MORE about my process of discovering my gifts and my journey to life coaching.  My "work" is part of my play and gives me fulfillment and purpose in my life.  Would you like yours to be?
How do you discover WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND?
1. ASK
Ask yourself first.  Why?  Because all of the answer to all of your questions and all of the solutions to all of your problems already lie within you!  The efficiency with which those answers and solutions comes depend partly on how connected you already are with your own inner guidance system.  
Asking and praying are the same to me.  (I am mulit-lingual in the spiritual sense).  Ask the Universe, the Broader Perspective, Source Energy, God, the Divine Intelligence, the Collective Unconscious . . . whatever you want to call "it".
So often we seek the guidance, but we do not get quiet enough to hear the answer.  Listening for the answer means getting quiet on the inside, quieting that ceaseless chatter in your mind so you can listen for the answers in your heart. 
4.   WATCH
Watch for the signs and answers to your asking.  The answer could come from anywhere - a bumper sticker, a billboard, over the internet, in an email, a chance meeting with someone - the possibilities are endless . . .

Years ago I was meditating on the way up the freeway on my 20 mile drive to work in rush hour traffic.  I was asking for a way to find peace in my heart.  Shortly after asking the question, I noticed a huge billboard by the road that said, "JUST BREATHE".  That became my mantra for the day!
5.    360 Degree Review
If you've ever experienced one of these in your place of employment, you may be cringing. I call this a 360 Degree Review for lack of a better term.  (As soon as I find one, I'll let you know.) 

What I did was I shot out emails to clients, friends, family and coworkers and asked them, "If I have helped you in any way, other than massage therapy, please let me know how I helped you and how you benefited."  The response was overwhelming and I was surprised by some of the answers.

Within a very short period of time, the answer came clear as a bell in an email from a person whom I've mentored for years, "You really need to look into life coaching.  One of your gifts is that you can look into someone's life and help them change their perspective."

Licensed massage therapist, certified professional coach Learn more . . . 


To successfully discover your gifts, strengths and assets, specifically ask for them.  Ask for positive feedback, not judgment and criticism.  You will receive whatever you ask for on a conscious and subconscious level.
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